Table Scraps Can Harm Your Dog, Experts Say

Table Scraps Can Harm Your Dog Experts Say

Table Scraps Can Harm Your Dog Experts SayIt shouldn’t be news to any dog owner, but the uninitiated must be warned again by the experts who say that food scraps from an owner’s table will not be well accepted by a dog’s digestive system.

Most owners continue sharing meals with their dogs, even after multiple warnings over the years. Whatever the reason is for not being able to control yourself and accidentally dropping something from the table for your pet to munch on, you must stop this practice immediately. Feeding leftovers of human food to canines carry very serious health risks.

The Daily Mail has recently spoken with canine dietitian Kristina Johansen, who warned all dog owners that this type of behavior isn’t doing anybody good.

“It’s time dog owners stopped killing their pets through misplaced kindness,” said Johansen. “Their good intentions are sadly misplaced and by feeding their dog treats such as chocolate, grapes or, heaven forbid, a glass of wine, they are literally risking their lives.

Some of these danger foods can be found in everyday products that you might feed your dog without thinking, such as gravy containing onions. It’s so easy to give your dog your leftovers, but it’s important to remember that although they are part of the family they have a completely different digestion system to humans, and so some foods that we would class as healthy can be toxic.”

Chocolate is infamous for having deadly substances for a canine’s health and is the most dangerous food to give to a dog, yet a lot of owners still aren’t aware of this. The reason? People forget that just like with children, we need to educate ourselves on a regular basis to learn more about those for whom we care.

Just a few months ago, 40 dogs died in Britain from Alabama Rot condition, which they contracted eating raw meat. It’s becoming popular among dog owners to feed their pets raw meat diet based on the idea how dogs’ ancestors used to feed themselves; however, if the meat isn’t handled properly, it can become deadly.

Stay on top of things, read and learn to avoid similar mistakes. Sometimes, even the most harmful food can shorten the amount of time you’ll have to spend with your pooch. Research before giving your dog anything new.

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