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NextGen Dog, operated by Authority Sciences LLC, provides detailed evidence-based articles about dog nutrition, health, psychology, science, supplements, canine diets and commercial dog foods.

We aim to write the BEST articles online and offline with citations to scientific evidence to ensure infallible accuracy of information.

Please note: We are an independent entity and we provide 100% unbiased views. We are not sponsored by any companies or industries, and we do not accept sponsored content or targeted advertising. We make all the effort to supply objective, critical, unbiased and honest views to address multiple sides of the argument.

Meet the People Behind NGD

All our contributors are scientists, veterinarians and experts in their respective fields, and the content they write is based on scientific evidence as often as that is possible. The information is written in plain English to make our articles easy to understand for everybody.

Dr Fiona Caldwell, DVM

Dr Fiona Cladwell DVMDr Fiona Lee Caldwell, DVM graduated from Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary medicine and Biomedical Sciences. She grew up the daughter of a veterinarian and animals were a part of her life from an early age. Originally from the Northwest, she settled in Idaho to practice veterinary medicine with an emphasis on cats, dogs and exotic animals. Professionally she enjoys surgery, internal medicine and client education. She lives with her husband and daughter, along with a shelter rescue dog named Pepe’ and a three legged Pomeranian named Tulah.

Dr Sarah Cohraine, PhM

Dr-Sarah-CohraineDr Sarah Cohraine, PhM has graduated with an MA and PhM degrees in Biotechnology. Sarah is a qualified, experienced veterinarian and veterinary surgeon that nowadays enjoys the freedom of freelance academic writing on her favorite topics of veterinary and medical science fields. Dr. Cohraine has been published in a variety of veterinary and animal sciences related media outlets, ranging from public education websites to sensitive product reviews and corporate releases. Outside of work, she enjoys walking and training her two dogs, and staying fit with rowing.

Dr Gemma Gaitskell, DVM

Gemma GaistkellDr Gemma Gaitskell, DVM graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 2010. She was determined to be a vet from a very young age and loves animals, especially dogs and horses. Today, Gemma is based in Madrid, Spain where she is undertaking a Masters degree in equine reproduction and in addition to this she has a keen interest in animal and pet nutrition, and veterinary education. She believes that access to good quality, accurate information is vital to help improve the welfare of animals. At home she enjoys spending time with her five dogs and retraining her ex-racehorse.

Dr Christopher Sherwin, PhD

Dr-Christopher-SherwinDr Christopher Sherwin, PhD is a biologist and animal scientist who has been writing, researching and teaching professionally at University of Veterinary Sciences in Bristol, UK for almost 25 years. His specialty is animal sciences, and he loves the process of researching any dog health related topics where he gets to delve deep into the scientific material. Chris has written, refereed and edited for a wide range of the highest grade, international, peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as lay articles, books, book chapters, encyclopedia articles and websites.

Dr Deborah Shores, DVM

Dr-Deborah -ShoresDr Deborah Shores, DVM has graduate from the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She wanted to become a vet since the age of 13, and as a child she was obsessed with horses and received her very own mare at the age of 10. In the last 6 years, Dr. Shores has worked as a clinical veterinarian for dogs, cats, small mammals and non-human primates (macaque monkeys) and a veterinary writer. Her passion is educating animal lovers about pet care and common animal diseases. She currently has two mischievous tabby cats, Hummer and Piper.

Dr Laura Andersson, PhD

Dr Laura AnderssonDr Laura Andersson, PhD has received her PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics, and since then her publication record has expanded to include over 50 articles in scientific journals, books, encyclopedias as well as writing and editing the biochemistry section of a science dictionary. She’s an animal science enthusiast and a retired professor from an Ivy-League college where she taught science to grad students and worked on research papers as well as her own studies which were funded by the American Chemical Society, Diabetes Association, Heart Association, and National Institutes of Health.

Michael Steinert, MSc

Michael Steinert, MScMichael Steinert, MSc has graduated with honors from the University of Chicago with a degree in Biology. Michael currently works in the forensics field as one of Chicago’s preeminent forensic research and development scientists as well as writing academic articles and authoring multiple scientific papers. Michael’s professional background includes extensive research, with one of his most recent papers reviewing the study of addition of amylase in dog food. He has taught many seminars at the University of Chicago on animal metabolism, physiology and nutrition.

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