20 Things You’ll Learn After Becoming a Dog Owner

Things You Will Learn After Becoming a Dog Owner

Things You Will Learn After Becoming a Dog OwnerDo you really need to be convinced? Spending time in a company of a dog, and especially becoming a dog owner, is a journey that every one of us has to experience.

Beside the many different ways your dog will improve your life, there are even more things that we learn from the huge adventure called dog ownership.

Not every one of us experiences this desire to bring a new family member into their home. There’s a notion that dogs are a hassle, can be expensive, and just not all that necessary to begin with.

So if you’re still contemplating whether or not you should get a dog, see if these 20 things you can learn after becoming a dog owner can change your mind.

20 Things You’ll Learn After Becoming a Dog Owner


1. Not spoiling them is really hard

Oh, those eyes! You know you shouldn’t give them that extra treat. You know you should not be encouraging of your dog napping with you on the same bed on a Saturday afternoon. But every time your pup will look at you, it melts your heart.

2. Questioning your own morals is healthy

Observing the full package of unconditional love and friendship your dog will provide you with will make you think about your own decisions in life. Any dog can, and will, inspire more empathy and sympathy in most people.

3. There’s always a friend for your happy times

Even without any further proof, most dog owners know how often their pets share the happy life moments with them. But now even scientists are coming to conclusions that dogs can probably sense your emotions. They know when you’re ecstatic and will gladly share that experience with you.

4. And there’s one for the times you’re sad

Just as they’re there for you in happiness, canines will also share your pain and might even try to cheer you up. Dog owners who are emotionally open and are not worried about expressing their feelings already knew that dog is indeed a man’s best friend.

5. Being a puppy would be amazing!

If only we could feel the sense of awe every time we see a new human being, or brim with excitement when trying to catch a pigeon on the street. Those days are long gone, but watching your pups consume themselves in these silly and simple endeavors makes you feel good for some unexplained reason.

6. Marley and Hachi are awesome

Both Marley & Me and Hachi: A Dog’s Tale are sad movies. But once you’ve experienced dog ownership yourself, and begin to associate “those” dogs with your own – the message gains a whole new meaning (but will make you use a lot more tissues).

7. Patience is a virtue

No matter how much you hurt the dog or treat her or him unfairly, your animal will accept this as their own mistake. Your pal will still love you and be forever loyal to you, regardless of your actions toward her/him.

8. Dog “ownership” doesn’t really exist

You’ll quickly notice that it’s not really about you owning the dog. This becomes a two way street, and your pooch owns you just about as much as you own her/him. Your dog will not be your commodity; instead, they immediately become part of your family.

9. Canines are closer to humans than we even think

Every year, scientists are making new discoveries that are showing how similar a canine’s psychology is to ours. But you will only have the full prospect of this picture after you share and observe these experiences as a dog owner yourself.

10. Constant self-improvement is possible

As most dog owners will tell you, when you have a pet around, they force you to grow. Aside from becoming healthier and more active in general, dog ownership will make you reconsider and push you further toward being a better dog owner, and even a better person.

11. And love from the first sight also exists

The minute you’ll see your future companion, you will fall in love. There will be no questions, and no answers. You’ll know that all of this is just about the two of you, and both of you will have something very special to share for the years to come. It’s an amazing feeling!

12. A sudden need to take your pooch everywhere

Just a while ago, you were fine spending weekends on the couch. So where does this sudden need to connect with mother nature comes from? It could be something deep in our primate genes. Regardless, it’s hard to resist the urge to take your pup to see the world with you; and observe their excitement and joy toward everything new they experience.

13. Who gave cuddling a bad reputation?

Even these guys wouldn’t disagree that having your dog come sleep next to you because he or she considers you a true friend (and part of the pack) is one of the most amazing parts of being a dog owner.

14. Animal ownership is for the responsible only

As you get attached to your new pet within, you know, in seconds, you will begin to understand what an amazing animal this is and how they do not deserve any kinds of mistreatment. It will bother you to see others treat their own dogs poorly.

15. They’re pretty darn intelligent

There is no end to the amount of incredible tricks that dogs can learn. In addition to that, they are saving human lives in wars and work as indispensable guide dogs that will do anything required to assist those whom they serve.

16. Dogs need so little to be happy

A little food every day, just one toy that will never get too old or boring for your dog, and a loving owner who can also manage to be a friend. And in exchange, pet owners will receive significantly more.

17. Someone’s always waiting for you on the other side

Maybe not in heaven, but definitely on the other side of the door. There aren’t that many things that would lift up your mood after a long, bad day. But your furry friend running up to you when you step through the door, booming with excitement and joy to finally see you, is definitely one of those rare things.

18. Losing cynicism is liberating

When you spend some time observing your pooch, you understand how joyful a life could be. So many things to explore and see: small and large, very close and far away. Why are we not as adventurous and esteemed as those who we consider inferior?

19. Letting go is very difficult

When the time comes, for whatever reason, you have to let go. And realizing that you’ll never see your best friend again will be one of the most unfathomable heart stabs you’ll experience. But be certain, your dog will leave knowing that he had the best owner he could ever ask for. If only we could communicate the same to them.

20. There are no bad dogs

Only very poor dog owners.

Do you really need more to be convinced? If not, and you’re ready for your first pooch, here are some very good reasons why you should first consider adopting a shelter dog.

Your turn

Hey, dog owners! Did any of this ring true? Share your experiences with your pooch and things you’ve learned from them in the comments section below.


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